Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
Aug 18, 2020
Camelia Petrus
Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Intelligence offers many benefits when it comes to leadership and governance, but there is a particular type of intelligence that great leaders have – emotional intelligence (EI). Join us to learn what EI is, how emotions work and explore the EI Model that makes a difference in leadership.“   

Camelia Petrus, PGDip I/O Psychology, Head of Business Development at Lynch & Associates Limited Chartered Accountants, is a GENOS and OPRA Psychology Group Accredited Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Workplace Behavior assessor and EI development trainer.

Camelia facilitates EI assessment and training in areas of Leadership, Employee Engagement, Sales Performance, Customer Service and Productivity.

The EI assessments Camelia uses are Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory, a behaviour-based measurement model.