US Elections
Oct 06, 2020
Tracey Barnett
US Elections

Tracey Barnett has been a contributing commentator and columnist for The New Zealand Herald, The Sunday Star Times, TV3, TVNZ, NewsTalkZB, The Listener, bFM and Radio Live, among others. 
She is the author of The Quiet War on Asylum, an introduction to asylum issues in New Zealand and the region. She is the creator of WagePeaceNZ, an initiative to keep Kiwis informed about refugee issues, as well as #Welcome 500Now, an advocacy campaign to increase New Zealand’s refugee quota that won the support of four former prime ministers.  
She is passionate about women’s issues, chocolate and Donald-Trump-loathing, or as she calls him, ‘The Man Who Cannot Be Named Without Swearing’.
She is the winner of the 2017 Loxley Peace Prize. Her work has been published in seven countries.