Posted on Nov 18, 2019
For some time we’ve had a standing invitation to join the Kiwi Harvest team on one of their pick up and delivery runs. The aim of “Riding Shotgun” (as they call it)  is to learn a bit more about Kiwi Harvest and experience the “feel good factor” as good nourishing food gets delivered to those who need it. Kerryn Downey, volunteered to “Ride Shotgun” on Friday and here are his comments and the photos:
“The day began at 7.30am and we returned to base about 2.30pm.
At one point we doubted we had sufficient room in the truck as the Countdown in Mt Eden had about 40 crates of mixed up fruit and vegetables. It took us a while sorting and repacking this very generous donation for subsequent deliveries.
Its hard work but it does give one an excellent experience and its very rewarding to see the joy on some of the faces of the recipients.”
Some members of the Club’s Kiwi Harvest team have also volunteered but the opportunity is there for anyone else to join in.
If you fancy “Riding Shotgun”  please let Keith Robinson know and we can arrange it.
If you fancy volunteering with other tasks please visit the Kiwi Harvest website