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Hi Everyone,                       
Noticeboard Edition #2 for 21-22 has a little bit of a sad beginning. Our long-time, highly valued and contributing member Kerryn Downey has decided to leave Downtown. Kerryn joined our club in March 1999 and he was President when I joined Rotary in 2006. I still remember how welcoming he was and from my perspective our friendship started then and endures now. I’m sure that many of you will feel the same way. Our club will be different without Kerryn and we extend huge thanks to him for his dedication to our mission over 22 years. Kerryn - please come back and visit whenever you like - and especially for Battle of the Suits!
Our club breakfast on 03 August 21 proved to be a useful discussion amongst members about where Downtown is in its life cycle. We talked about the club’s attributes, its reputation, its members and supporters - and how we can and will leverage such capital to ensure we make progress toward its continued prosperity.
The following day the Board met and were treated to the first report from our Projects Director Mark Jenkins. BTW our ‘Board' (for those who might not be reading Clubrunner) is:
Past President - Stuart Rowe
President Elect - Simon Walton
Treasurer - Andy Picot
Projects Director - Mark
Secretary - Jan Malcolm
Membership Director - James Hook
Marketing & Comms - Letitia Eyes
Fund-raising & Events - Gill Johnston
Fellowship - Kat and Gareth
Youth, led by Heather and accompanied by Mark and I, will meet with Ngaire Ashmore later this week to discuss the ongoing partnership between Downtown and AGGS. We aim to strengthen the Youth team over time and continue to prioritise our work with AGGS in terms of optimal benefit to the school and best fit for Downtown as a funder and social services provider. 
The Environment team have met and a calendar of events is underway including a return to Motuihe now that a new jetty has been built. We plan to build our relationship with Sustainable Coastlines and improve our operating structures for both Tree Planting and Gardens in Schools by way of sponsors, appropriate signage, auditing of sites, planning new work, etc.
A group of us including Graham Hendry and Celia who are interim team leads of Mental Health, attended a function at the medical school to farewell retiring Sally Merry who has led the relationship between our club and 'Child & Adolescent Mental Health’ for several years. With Sally stepping down we have work to do to develop new relationships and plan how Downtown can continue to support this very special research team. This is just one initiative for the Mental Health team and over time we hope to broaden our work in this area, possibly also through opportunities the Downtown Underground team may uncover.
Downtown Underground has met twice (thank you Tim) and an outline plan agreed. The team will focus first on 2nd tier charities or charitable work - i.e. not the ’starting 11’ which is a list of high-profile charities such as RMH, Cure Kids, Starship, etc. Other DTU ‘values’ are to focus on good people and the culture at their core, and to look for genuinely mutually-beneficial 2-way relationships. A key goal is “major input into 1 or 2 organisations by the end of the next 2 years - local or national reach but not international.”
Thanks to Mark Jenkins we have pencilled a date early in 2021 for the City Mission to host Downtown at the new Homeground building. The warmth extended to us from the team at the Mission was humbling - they’re delighted we are coming.
We will hand over our ‘cheque’ to KiwiHarvest on our club meeting on 14 September. THAT will be a fun meeting.
Club Meeting of 10 August 2021
We hosted Sharon and Pete Crean who started BeyondWater, a not-for-profit organisation working across East Africa. Their focus is on ensuring schools, medical clinics, childrens’ homes and remote communities have access to safe, clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. The talked about how Rotary has supported their work in the past and gave examples of donations that have been made and the outcome achieved with the funds.
Their projects include deep bore wells, guttering, water tanks, hand washing facilities, toilets and health education programmes. They identify communities and villages in need of clean water via two ways, through the partners and people working with them who actively seek out communities in need or via the communities themselves reaching out and making contact with BeyondWater.  Their aim is to build 12 toilet blocks a year. A toilet block costs $2,500 and deep bore wells cost $25,000.
They also have a project called The Girl Project. This started because Sharon and Pete discovered that girls from needy families will spend 30% of their time out of school because they don’t have access to sanitary products. Instead, they will use rags, newspaper, stay in virtually the same spot for 5 days or in the worst-case scenario, sell their bodies for 50 cents to buy one sanitary pad. "When your family earns $2 per day, sanitary products are a luxury for those we work with and sponsoring a girl for a year costs just $80".
Our sergeants session funds were donated to BeyondWater.
We have had 2 prospective members visit our club in the past month and both are considering joining. Please keep our membership drive top-of-mind as you go about your daily business engaging with people.
Quiz Night
As you are now aware we are holding over 'Bitchin Bingo' until later in the Rotary year.  Instead we are holding a Quiz Nite on 7 September at the Westend Tennis Club (where we had Changeover).  More details will be coming from Kat and Gareth soon and Gill has sent out the registrations request. Please respond to her and put the date in your diary.  (And yes there will still be the usual Rotary meeting that day; Yay! Rotary morning and night.)
Subscriptions & Member Account Balances
As advised already we are planning to issue sub invoices by the end of August - $375.00 plus GST. For those who prefer NOT to pay $150 toward Foundation and Polio - please advise soonest.
Please be aware of your contributions to your club account versus expenses incurred and ensure your account is kept sufficiently topped up. 
Christine Fenby    
The Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland 2021-2022
Club Information
What's happening
Annual Subs invoices
This year's subs invoices will be sent out shortly and you will be pleased to hear that subs will remain at $350 +GST, as always there is the option to donate $100 to The Rotary Foundation and $50 to Polio Plus, which will be included on the initial invoice.  Should you prefer not to pay these amounts please request an amended invoice from our club Treasurer, Segun, 
The amount will be debited to your AP account, we will send out account statements so that you can check if you need to make a top up payment to cover this.
To understand more about the Rotary Foundation and End Polio Now click on read more
Rotary Leadership Institute
RLI is a fun interactive seminar that builds Rotary knowledge and develops leadership skills. Designed to provide a broad overview of Rotary it is open to all Rotarians and Rotaractors.
The next All-in-one weekend - RLI parts 1, 2 and 3 + Graduate will be held Sat 31 October and Sun 1 November 2020, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Graduate course is Sunday only
KPMG, 18 Viaduct Harbour Ave, Auckland. parking is available onsite.
Curriculum notes, morning tea and lunch are provided.
Class size is limited to 20 for maximum benefit, please contact Byran for more information or 027 579 7930
RYE - update from Bella (Sept '20)


First of all this month has been another really busy month!! Second, I finally got my visa! Better late than never I guess ahahaha. Third, I can't believe I officially only have one month left! My new favourite word is either “Ohrwurm” which refers to having a song stuck in your head or “Kopfkino” which pretty much means daydreaming.

This month I’ve learnt how to cook Kässpätzle and Tiroler Knödel which are both traditional Austrian dishes and taught my family how to make a Pavlova and Mince and Cheese Pies because I was horrified to hear that they had never had a Mince and Cheese Pie before!!! I also made vegan chocolate mousse and went through a pancake phase. I made pasta, a few curries, apple crumble and zucchini noodles with tomatoes and fries. 

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