Contact: Kat Trevor
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Downtown Auckland (Inc)
It's a Suprise

New Zealand

What is Guess "Who’s Coming to Dinner"?

A multiple course dinner prepared in a fellow Rotarian’s home, with guests AND it will be a surprise where you will go to dine until the day before the event. Names will be randomly selected for each dinner location. A great opportunity to get better acquainted with others in a small group setting. 

How to participate?

1) Volunteer to be a Host. You choose the number of guests you can host. You'll need to provide nibbles, mains and dessert.

2) Sign up to be a guest. You'll need to bring 2-3 good bottles of wine and some nice non-alcoholic options to drink and share with others on the night.


If you'd like to attend, please do the following:

1. Register on Club Runner (including any partners or guests)

2. Email Kat to let her know if you want to be a Host or a Guest (please include any dietary restrictions and if hosting, how many guests you can host)

3. Let Kat know your best contact details (email and phone) so we can let you know where you are going for dinner the day before.


Please know that this will be first come, first served and will be based on the number hosts we have. The more hosts we have the more members can participate.

Please consider hosting.  If you have questions, get in touch with Kat.