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History Evening 24th March 2020

In June 1944 Allied forces launched the biggest invasion fleet in history. The outcome of the subsequent battle changed the entire course of the war against the Nazis and shaped the world we live in today. The lead up to the invasion was filled with secrecy, subterfuge and deception. The logistics of getting millions of men and their supplies onto a heavily defended beach were truly amazing. The battle itself involved heroism and sacrifice across many nations. Given its impact on world affairs the 75th anniversary of “D Day” was marked by heads of state from around the world last year.

Simon Walton was there, at Normandy, to witness events and will be giving a presentation on the battle and his trip on the 24th March.

It’s a sequel, if you will, to the very successful history evening we held last year as a fund raiser for Kiwi Harvest.  We raised over $2,500 and hope to do much better this year.

Rydges have kindly agreed to host our event again in March.

We’ll enjoy a 3 course dinner and glass of wine downstairs in a private part of the restaurant before adjourning upstairs to one of the conference rooms to hear Simon’s presentation.

The cost of the dinner is $65 and we would ideally like a $50 donation towards Kiwi Harvest. As you heard from Gavin this week it’s a great cause and well worth our support.

So, the 24th March is a great opportunity for some socialising as well as education - gaining a better insight into the events of June 1944 and the commemorations 75 years later. You are encouraged to bring friends and family .. the more the better !

We look forward to seeing you there ………

Kind regards

Keith and Simon

PS Please register before the end of February to give Rydges a change to plan their resources