Speaker Date Topic
New Member Induction and Group Brainstorming Mar 26, 2019
Various speakers
Various speakers

In lieu of a guest speaker, we have a number of activities planned for the 26th March meeting.

Come and get to know Susan Benedek and Matthew Orange who will become Downtown Rotarians a our new member induction.

Find out the final status of Mal's Challenge; hear a short 5-min presentation on Mindfulness from Tony Keegan and a quick update on Battle of the Suits from Gill Johnston.

Participate and share your thoughts about our Club Strategy & Structure around our key Social Causes. We want to hear how things are working and will use the feedback in next year's annual planning.

A group brainstorming session will be facilitated to work through the following questions:

Regarding our Club's Strategy to focus on the 7+1 Caustes and the alignment of members based on their interest and passion...

1) What has worked well?

2) What can be improved?

3) What tools or resources do you think are necessary for members or Champions to increase their effectiveness?

4) Are the goals the right ones for the Causes? Should the goals also incorporate non-monetary goals such as activities, relationship building, longer-term outcomes?

Please come show your support of our newest members and share your thoughts on how we can continue to learn and grow as a Club. Your feedback is important and enables us to stay relevant and vibrant. 


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Bridging Gaps to Create Inclusive Societies - how Fair Pay Agreements can Help
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