Jan 24, 2023
Peter Macky
The War on Urkraine

Our speaker is Peter Macky who has an enduring interest in European history – with an emphasis on Poland and Ukraine. He says they get too little attention, given their pivotal roles in the often-titanic struggle between Europe's west and east. He is about to publish "Mr Putin's War in Ukraine: As it Evolved": a 280-page, 90,000-word, commentary in 52 chapters.
Peter visited Ukraine in September 2022, including Kyiv and Lviv. Over 10 days, he conducted 18 interviews with a range of people, from a General who took part in the defence of Kyiv early in the war, to families caught up in the maelstrom of Russia's invasion, who lost family, friends, and property. Some of his interviews have been published in New Zealand publications, including the NZ Herald.