Auckland City Mission (ACM) is one of the 7 social causes our members voted to support. City Missioner Chris Farrely and Fundraising Executive Lyn Stevens came to speak at our Club earlier this year to share more about the new facility "HomeGround" due to be built by 2020. In the interim, the ACM has moved into a new temporary facility. To learn more about the project click on the website:
Five of our Club members (Jan, Byran, Gareth, Des, Kat) and Weilian (who joined from our facebook page), volunteered at the City Mission from 11am-3pm on 21st of January to help prepare lunch/dinner service for about 170 people. 
The City Mission serve about 250-300 meals a day with only one onsite chef and with the rest of the help provided by volunteers.
Did you know that last fiscal year, ACM distributed 12,753 emergency food parcels to struggling families and individuals? They successfully housed 112 homeless clients; they provided 14,362 health consultations to vulnerable, high-needs patients and also admitted 375 people to residential drug &n alcohol detoxification. 
The Auckland City Mission is in regular need of volunteers and group volunteers to help serve meals to the homeless. Kat & Gareth would like to run this event again if there is interest from the club members. So please get in touch with Kat if you are keen to volunteer on a regular basis either solo or part of the little Downtown Rotary group.