We have now come back to level 3 of New Zealand’s four-level COVID-19 alert system. We will remain in level 3 until at least the 11 May, when cabinet will review how we are tracking and make further decisions.
During this period of lockdown, we are doing our best to stay in touch with our members and community.  We are doing 'Virtual Happy Hour', Byran is sending out emails with the log in details.  Several members have joined them and it is great to see people and hear what they are doing through this period to keep busy and active.
Our Board members are also keeping in touch with members via phone or email.  In general we have grouped people by the area they live in, which means if you can't get out and you need something from the supermarket or pharmacy, reach out and someone can assist you.  You just need to ask them to leave these at the door, rather than come in. 
'Stay home and stay safe', be kind and don't forget to wash your handssmiley