Posted on Sep 29, 2019
Recently, our team volunteered at Auckland Girls Grammar School (AGGS) to provide support with exam supervision.
This support frees up over 50 hours of teacher time at a critical period in the year when there is a big marking workload for NCEA. Many thanks to our team members for volunteering for this great initiative: Graham Hendry, Harley Pope, Wayne Dyer, Frankie Crellin, Keiko Murakami, Heather Robinson, Jan Malcolm, Des Trigg, Craig Sionetuato, Hilary Prior, Karen Spires, Keith Robinson, Rob Wills and Celia Fullerton-Smith.
A special thanks to Suzanne O'Leary for a big effort in co-ordinating the team and working with AGGS to tee this up.
Below is some great feedback received today from Deputy Principal Fiona Lamberton:

"From our perspective, you all did an amazing job.  I had numerous comments from both staff and students on your great efforts. In fact several students asked whether you were the real supervisors from the end of year as you did it so well.


Thank you very much for giving up your time and supporting us. It is very much appreciated by us all. The teachers who had morning tea with you, would also like to pass on how much they enjoyed that opportunity to talk to you as well."


Well done team, a lot to be proud of there.