Posted on Aug 25, 2019
Greg Moyle has received some wonderful feedback from Sonia Davies, the Deputy Principal of Mt Albert Primary School. An extract is included - great stuff Greg:
"Thought I would send you an update on our school garden to table at Mt Albert Primary. We are getting into the swing of things and are now running the programme two days a week on Thursday and Friday mornings, which is two classes a week.  The garden area has changed since you were last here and we are  harvesting the vegetables in the garden for the kitchen side of the programme where students are learning to make a variety of dishes from spinach and feta dip to gozlemes and even what is called secret ingredient brownies which are made with beetroot. The kids love it!

The two garden beds are absolutely wonderful and we have been using what was in there and replanting. We have also recycled some of the pallets in the garden area for planting.
You had mentioned that there maybe a possibility of getting another garden bed, if so are we able to meet to discuss this?

Our programme is always looking for volunteers to help in the garden or kitchen working with small groups of students. If you are aware of anyone who maybe able to help out even if it is once or twice throughout the year could you please let me know."