On Saturday, we received a note from our recent exchange student Hannah Schwarzmann. A copy is included as follows:
Dear Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland!
I hope some of you still remember me!! Two days ago I visited my first Rotaract meeting of the Club here which is Germany and Switzerland joined together. I reallly enjoyed it so I thought I have to write you all an email as it reminded me of the Downtown CLub meetings!! Although it was pizzas and beers instead of fruit and breakfast. 
I met Bella about two weeks ago. I invited here to come to my place and make apple strudel together. My best friend Andy came over as well so we ended up teaching her Austrian dialect music which she picked up really quickly. It reminded me so much of my own time in NZ when I met new people and everything was so exciting.
Sadly the covid19- virus caused the exchange students here to give up their skiing holiday which is really sad. I am in Constance right now as I have to write some exam papers and I am not allowed to travel home to austria. Everyone was asked to travel only if really necessarry. It is crazy how fast this virus is spreading and how affected the economy is. My parents school had to close and will stay closed until after easter. Austria has shut down all the Universitys and started controlling the borders to Italy. Our Chancellor is doing a great job during this hard time as he really listened to the experts and acted quickly.
At the moment German Unis are still open but it is only a matter of time until they have to close as well.
Other than all of that chaos I am doing really well. My level of sign language is now about the same as my spanish level which is B1 so just a little bit less than my english which I am really happy about. I joined a project with deaf people who are at Uni and struggle because no one can speak their language. So I got partnered up with a girl who is deaf and I go with her to classes and translate as much as possible. Thank you again Hilary for that!!!! Rob, I facetimed Adriana just a few days ago and I really miss her which is thanks to you!!! ( Just kidding, thank you Rob). Phil, Mike how is the tennis going? As good as Dominic Thiem already? And of course I hope all of the James' are okay and still a little bit naughty:)
But most importantly is Damian Mckenzie back on the field? I miss Rugby so so much. I tried to teach my Uni friends the rules but they were hopeless! Anyway, Thank you all so much for what Rotary has given me and have a lovely day!