Posted on Oct 22, 2019
As we head into the final few days before the Ride to End Polio, the key details are highlighted again.
Districts 9920 and 9910 (which combined cover nearly 100 clubs)  are collaborating to hold an event 'Polio All Trains' on the Auckland Transport Network on Friday 1 November. This is based on the All Stations event held in Sydney in 2018 when $250,000 was raised for End Polio. (The photo below is from that Sydney event.)

For the event, a team - dressed in red End Polio apparel - will ride the Auckland Transport Train Network and at each station visited there will be a local Rotary Club (also dressed in red End Polio apparel) who will symbolically hand over a cheque for the End Polio Campaign to the Polio Team riding the trains.

Auckland Transport have given permission for us to undertake this event and to collect donations from passengers travelling on the trains and at the stations. There will be a timetable of when the train with the Polio Riders will arrive at each club’s designated station. Rotarian 'Riders' can ride free on the network as long as they are wearing a red End Polio Shirt. It is suggested that each Rotarian 'Rider' arranges sponsorship from friends and families to raise money whilst they ride the trains e.g. $1 per station.

John Boscawen has helped the organisers arrange for David Seymour to attend to help raise the profile of the event - David has also written to the leaders of the other parties to encourage them to engage as well.

If you're keen on getting involved get in touch with John. (Timetable for our club 'station' to follow.)

Further info is available at this link: