Posted on Dec 06, 2018
On 29th May, Past President Gill announced "Mal's Challenge" to our Club and his desire to help build up our Club Trust by an additional $100,000!  
Read more to find out why and how you can help make this happen by 31 March, 2019.
At the Annual General Meeting, members were presented with the various distributions made last year by our Club Trust to individuals and organisations in our community. These distributions and donations help change peoples lives. Fundraising is an important aspect of any service organisation as money is needed to do good work. We can either raise funds through events such as celebrity dinners/auctions, etc. or if we have enough capital to invest, we can use the interest earned to support our Causes.
As of 21 February, 2019 we have received donations and pledges of $43,200 from 17 members ranging in amounts from $200-$5000 . Mal has already committed $10,000 and is willing to bring it up his contribution to $50K if members are able to donate the remaining $6,800 by 31st March 2019.  Every amount helps bring us closer to the goal of capturing Mal's $50K. Please make your donation today.
All donations made to our Club Trust are tax deductible (which means you get up to 33.3% of your money back as a tax refund) and members will receive a receipt from our Treasurer Grant Hally.
If you would like to make a donation, you may do so directly to:
Account: 12-3252-0053102-00
Feel free to contact Lucy or Grant Hally if you have any questions on the above.   
This is a great opportunity for us to double the size of our Trust and to leave a legacy for future programs to help those in need.