What an exciting day on Tuesday, with our first in-person meeting in nearly three months - it was so awesome seeing everyone again.
It was also great to trial our first ever hybrid physical-virtual meeting, and, based on the feedback received, the hybrid format was a success. 
A big thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding in trying this new format. I have discussed changes that can be made to improve the experience with some members who had attended virtually, and in-person, and their suggestions will be incorporated into next week's meeting.
We also extended a special thanks to our presenter Justin O'Sullivan, not only for his excellent presentation, but also for being our first ever physical-virtual hybrid presenter.
It was also great that we were able to raise $260.70 for the Sunshine Fund. A big thanks to those who donated, and the morning's Sergeant Matthew Orange.
In addition to the above, it was also exciting to formally induct Chris Hickey, Audit Manager at Lynch & Associates, into the club. Chris originally joined the club during lockdown, and it was great to welcome him officially with everyone all together again. Chris, we're so stoked to have you onboard and we look forward to having heaps of fun and doing great community work together.