Posted on Oct 01, 2019
We had the great pleasure of hosting fellow Rotarian from the Parnell Club, Sharon Buckland, on Tuesday morning.
Sharon shared with us the project she is working on, which is the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery’s December 2019 mission to Mae Suai in Northern Thailand.
The group is working on renovating the small girls’ bathroom of the Rescue Mission for Children, so that they don’t have to bathe in cattle troughs.
Sharon also mentioned that, as a fundraiser, they are hosting a Thai Banquet Dinner and Fundraising Auction on Thursday 7 November at the De Grand in support of this project. Lion has also announced it will be donating 10 cases of wine, so it should be a great night. Anybody wishing to contribute or attend the dinner can contact Sharon directly at .
In conjunction with the above, one of our members, Weilian Du, has also been working in this area and will be representing the club overseas in that regard.
From 5th - 18th December 2019 Weilian will be doing fundraising for 'Run for Freedom' in Cambodia and 'Project Starfish' in Thailand. Key details are as follows: 
Run for Freedom (21K Half Marathon): 
  • Donations can be made here on Hagar NZ. Please use her name (Weilian Du) as the reference so that Hagar NZ will know that Weilian's friends are supporting this cause.  
  • More information about Run For Freedom can be found here
  • Donations will help transform the lives of the children and young girls who have been trafficked, enslaved or abused. 
Project Starfish (Children from Akha Tribe): 
  • Donations can be made here on Give A Little fundraising page. All the funds will directly go to the verified account of the Rotary Club of Dunedin Central on behalf of Akha Children.  
  • Weilian also created a Facebook Page (Project Starfish) on behalf of David Black, the founder of Project Starfish. FB page can be found here. She will share her volunteer experiences and the children's stories on the page. 
  • Donations will help save the youngsters at risk of trafficking from the Akha tribe. One life at a time.