On Tuesday, the 30thof July we welcomed the 26 RYLA students who were put forward by our club. They all held a little presentation about their experience and what they learned from their trainers. Listening to the Rylarians was very inspiring for all club members. We got to know 26 very different characters, but they all had something in common: They were radiant, they beamed with pride about what they had managed during the week and about their growth and what’s more: they were confident of becoming a good leader.
It’s a big secret:
What happens exactly during the RYLA week is kept very well among those who organise and experience it.
But there is something  we do know about it: It’s a life changing event.  
It’s about growth and failure, keeping up and overcoming fears and limits, team leading and team building, about friends for a lifetime, unpleasant surprises and quick solutions, about being proud and humble. 
It is what you wish every young person should have the chance to experience.
The Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland puts forward people to attend the RYLA week every year. RYLA is a week-long leadership development program for 20-28 year olds hosted by Rotary Clubs and is designed to help young people to develop their team work and communication skills and fulfil their potential as leaders .(RYLA: Rotary Young-Person Leadership Award). Application for the June/July 2020 program starts after the Christmas break.